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Terms and Conditions

Auditors’ Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct

Terms and Conditions

In line with GDPR regulations, we have a new Data Protection Privacy Notice which can be found in the ‘Essential Information’ documents. This Privacy Notice sets out the basis on which any personal data you provide to us, will be processed.
Serve Legal will process your data to inform you of upcoming visits, audits and other Serve Legal work. This communication may come to you via email, phone call or text.
We will be asking you to opt-in to receive Serve Legal emails which fall outside of this, and to remain part of the Serve Legal community once you have stopped working for us. This will allow us to contact you with new types of work as we continue to grow.
Should you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the Serve Legal office.

• We pay for work carried out every two weeks
• We cannot pay for an audit if the correct process is not followed
• We cannot pay for an audit if the agreed deadline is not met
• Profile photos must be updated at the beginning of every month
• You must not discuss Serve Legal, or reveal that you are working for us whilst undertaking an audit, unless the brief specifically required by the brief.
• You must not mention client names in relation to Serve Legal audits on any social media, blogs or internet postings. Doing so could result in formal disciplinary action.
• We take the safety of our auditors seriously; take steps to ensure your personal safety when working for us.

Disclosure of Personal Data
Personal data relating to employment management will be disclosed to authorised members of staff only, which will include the Directors, Finance Manager and your line manager/supervisor.
From time to time we may need to provide third parties with personal information relating to you, such as Serve Legal clients, this may include your age, photo, gender and audit history etc. However, this will only be so that we can accomplish the purposes described above and will only involve the minimum amount of information required to fulfil that purpose. We may also disclose your personal details if required to do so by law or any Government body.

Duty of Care

Here are some notes to consider for your safety and well-being while carrying out audits. Remember that all audits are voluntary; you are not obliged to accept an audit offered to you.

Alcohol and Tobacco
• We do not encourage you to drink the alcohol bought during an audit, nor to use any tobacco products. We advise that you avoid buying strong alcoholic products.
• If driving from a bar, pub, club or restaurant where alcohol is to be purchased DO NOT consume the drink ordered.
• We recommend staking no more than 50p-£1.00 on a bet in a betting shop or adult gaming centre
• Watch our video for guidance on how to play an FOBT (Fixed Odds Betting Terminal) and keep your spend to a minimum.
• Knives purchased must be handled with care. Please check the briefing document for the visit you are completing; where possible you should return them at the customer service desk for a refund, and not carry knives from the shop
• We do not recommend that you book a session on a sun bed when auditing a tanning salon.
Media Compliance
• Be aware that Media Compliance audits require that pubs and bars showing football and other sports are visited during the evening as well as during the day.
• If you have feel unsafe when approaching a site, don’t go in. If you feel unsafe inside a venue leave immediately. In either case let your area manager or game co-ordinator know a soon as possible.
Late Night Audits
• If you would like to go with someone let your Area Manager know
• If the area is not known to you take the time beforehand to familiarise yourself with the location
• If you have concerns for your safety or feel uncomfortable when visiting late at night abandon the audit.
• Text or email your manager as soon as possible to let them know.
Order On Line - Home Delivery
• Be aware that these audits involve a delivery driver delivering goods to your home.

Code of Conduct

Our auditors represent Serve Legal, and we ask you to agree to the following standards when carrying out audits:
• To dress appropriately
• To be polite and considerate
• To act in a way that does not draw attention to your activities
• To act in accordance with the law