Terms and conditions

Serve Legal is a responsible employer and although we are asking you to purchase age restricted items, we do not encourage you to consume them. The following guidelines are to be followed on visits, at all times:

• It is not essential to, nor do we encourage you to, drink the alcoholic drinks bought on any visit or to consume any tobacco products
• We are happy for any unwanted products to be mailed to us at our Head Office
• If driving to and from visits where an alcoholic drink is to be purchased at a bar, pub or club DO NOT consume the drink ordered
• All visits are voluntary, you will NOT be forced to do a visit
• Always follow our briefing documents on all visits, they contain essential information to help you complete your visit accurately
• We recommend you change your account password every 90 days to ensure security

• Avoid buying strong alcoholic products
• We recommend you only spend the minimum required stake of 50p-£1 at a betting shop or adult gaming centre
• For betting shops, we also have guidelines on how to play an FOBT machine and keep your spend to a minimum
• For tanning visits, please only enquire about a potential sun bed session. We do not ask that you book one

Other essential information:
• Do not discuss Serve Legal or reveal you are working for us whilst undertaking any visit, unless you are specifically required to do so (check the briefing document)
• Do not mention the client names on any social media, blogs or internet posting, doing so could result in formal disciplinary action

Serve Legal is pleased to offer a range of work to our visitors, communicating by phone, text and social media. Apart from your Area Manager, you may be contacted by our Late Night team, our Sports Media or Special Projects teams for work coming up, or by our Weekend team regarding work completed. Check out 'Your Serve Legal Contacts’ for the names of staff in your area.